With Christmas fast approaching, here are some top tips to beat the festive burglar.

Christmas is a time of giving, but it can also be a time of taking where burglars are concerned. And it won’t just be retailers working long hours over the build up to the festivities, as the felons will also be working overtime.

Domestic burglaries traditionally go up during the winter months with the darker nights and people filling their homes with costly gifts including jewellery and electrical items ahead of the festive season.

In the Sutton Coldfield area already this winter West Midlands Police have warned of 12 house burglaries or attempted burglaries in as many days last month and ten so-called car key burglaries in five days during early December.

So how can homeowners take precautions to protect their homes and their loved ones at this time of year? Sutton Coldfield based leading security company Protect and Serve has these top tips….

Please read our tips to ensure your home is secure over Christmas and the New Year period.

  1. Deterring would-be criminals is one of the most effective forms of crime prevention. Invest in a motion sensor flood-light or even some outdoor Christmas lights to highlight your home’s exterior. A well-lit home will make any intruder more conscious and therefore deter a burglar.
  2. Highlighting the fact your possessions are security marked through window stickers helps warn would-be thieves that your goods are marked, traceable and therefore not worth the risk of stealing.
  3. Festive lighting should be properly installed. If you do install outdoor festive lighting don’t feed cables through partially open windows as you are also leaving yourself open to intrusion.
  4. Dispose of gift packaging carefully.Refuse collections over the Christmas/New Year period are normally at different times. If you can’t take packaging to a recycling point, make sure you only put your rubbish out just before the collection and do your best to fold boxes so that they do not advertise the new contents of your home to thieves!
  5. Dispose of receipts and personal paperwork by first shredding it. Christmas is a time when this is especially important as people hold on to receipts and bank statements which could expose them to fraud. Be careful not to shred any important warranty details and store documents you need somewhere secure.
  6. Check doors and windows for weak spots. Government statistics show that 30% of burglaries happen through windows. Installing a few dead-bolts and new window hinges could increase the security of your home
  7. Keep your curtains, drapes and window blinds closed at night, making sure valuable items are out of sight. When going out for the evening make use of inexpensive timers to give the illusion that you are home.
  8. If you are away over Christmas, plan ahead. Cancel any newspaper or milk subscriptions and arrange for a neighbour to park on the driveway to help create the impression someone is home. Set up light timers.
  9. Secure garages and sheds and make sure ladders or tools that could be used to secure entry are locked away.
  10. Install a Protect and Serve fully monitored alarm system. Contact 0333 666 21 21 for further details and a free quote.

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