Security System

Our fully comprehensive security systems provide you, your family, and your home
with a high level of protection.

More than just a bell-alarm or self-install system, at Protect & Serve we provide you with precise installation and continued maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The below provides you with an overview of what is available to be built into our bespoke security systems and the benefits they will provide you and your family.

Benefits of our security systems

A security system in your home reduces threats to your property and provides an additional barrier against crime. By choosing a professionally installed and maintained Protect & Serve security system, you and your family will benefit from the following:

Increased protection and safety

For many people, the main driver behind installing a security system in their home is the increased protection and to feel safe day and night. Not only do our systems protect your home, but they act as a deterrent to would-be intruders, as we know burglars often target vulnerable homes and choose the easy option.

Guaranteed response

For homeowners with a Protect & Serve security system installed, we guarantee immediate responses from our monitoring station to verify alarm triggers, and our private network of manguard security officers to attend properties at risk. Our team also has direct communications with the emergency services who can be contacted if required.

Peace of mind

Our smart alarm system is working around the clock to identify and react to triggers in the system. To ensure we are utilising our resources, the system can filter out false alarms automatically and act fast when in an emergency. With Protect & Serve security systems, you can relax knowing that our monitoring station is looking over and reacting to activity around your property, even if you are not at home. Your family’s safety is our priority, and we guarantee to deliver the assistance you require.


To ensure your family and home gets the protection it deserves, we allow our customers to build bespoke security systems to suit your exact needs. We have a wide range of security products available to be used seamlessly together to create a comprehensive system in your home.

The below gives you an overview of the products available. Feel free to speak to one of our security professionals for help and advice by calling  0333 666 2121.

For a fully enhanced system, add CCTV

At Protect & Serve, we understand how important it is to protect the people you love and provide a safe-feeling home. For customers looking for the ultimate security system and maximum protection we advise combining CCTV around the home with a fully comprehensive alarm security system.

CCTV systems are a fantastic line of defence against crime, whilst acting as an additional deterrent. They can give you an early warning of intruders and live visual confirmation of any activity in and around your property.


“Great service from Protect and Serve! From a quick, efficient, and tidy installation of my house alarm through to a prompt and helpful response from the technical department when required – being a customer has been a trouble-free process.”

Steve Meeson, Great Barr, Birmingham

“We wanted to thank you at Protect & Serve for a speedy, efficient and friendly service. We will happily be recommending you to other people.”

Naresh Kainth, Sutton Coldfield

“Thanks for the outstanding service. Protect and Serve came and showed us their exciting new system and gave us a demo prior to installation. The engineer who came to fit it was very efficient and gave us detailed instruction on using it so that we were left confident and safe in the knowledge our home was protected.”

Conway Family, Sutton Coldfield

We provide a smart and comprehensive solution to everyone, no matter what age or location across the UK to protect, monitor and respond.